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i understand the message people are trying to send by saying that curves are sexy, and they are. but saying that that is what a ‘real’ woman is? what about the girls who are naturally petite? that don’t have big boobs or a big butt? are they less of a woman? less sexy? a REAL, sexy, woman is someone who is HEALTHY and confident in their body. no one is the same so why do we insist on focusing on body shape rather than health?

i’ve been watching a lot of that 70’s show lately, mainly because i think it’s funny, but also because some of the episodes prove some valid points about life in general.

when hyde’s mum abandons him, he moves in with eric and his parents. for breakfast they have waffles, and hyde is amazed by this because such a thing would be considered a luxury for him. so, to show that he’s grateful he does all of eric’s chores without complaining. when his friends ask why, he then turns around to tell eric that he should be more grateful for what he has and that he is just lazy.

but, when you think about it, how can anyone fully appreciate something that they have had for their entire lives? like the saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone”.

just randomly, does that mean because hyde is living with eric he now knows what he didn’t have? what if his mum came back and he had to go live with her again… well, that would just suck.

back on track now, i feel like it’s unfair to tell somebody that they should be more grateful for what they have if it isn’t their fault that they have it. its like calling a celebrities kid a spoilt bitch; they would most likely be spoilt, but it’s not their fault they were born into that family is it? they wouldn’t know any different because they were raised that way.

i’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate what we have - we should because there’s always a possibility of us losing it - but, i am saying that it’s pretty difficult to be more grateful for something if we’re not entirely sure what we’re being grateful for because we haven’t experienced what it’s like to live where the grass ain’t greener.