goo0od-vibes asked: Hi, could you give me advice on something? We're having a big dance coming up at school. I'm not exactly comfortable in short dresses because I'm not skinny at all. And all my skinny friends are getting short dresses because they're so skinny and they look great in short dresses. Do you think it would look ok if I got a long dress? my legs aren't exactly suited for short dresses but I'm afraid I'll look too fancy and stand out if I wear a long dress. Any advice?

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this, because I think that this is a common issue for everyone.

In my opinion you’ve already answered your own question. If you’re not comfortable in a short dress then you shouldn’t wear one, people will notice that you’re unhappy.

But if you’re worried about looking too fancy, there are really pretty summer maxi dresses out there that are more on the casual side but still perfect for a school dance. And I doubt that you will be the only girl at the school in a long one :)